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What is 3 Billion Under 30?
3 Billion Under 30 identifies 75 of the world’s smartest and most talented Millennials and unifies their collective voice, influence, and expertise to teach us all how to have exponential success and impact in record time. 

Our book’s contributors operate companies collectively worth billions of dollars that serve hundred of millions of people every single month, and their stories pick up where our series left off (2 Billion Under 20, our first title, became the #1 Entrepreneurship Book of 2015 according to the Axiom Business Book Awards). 
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Our vision is to get as many people as possible to act on their passions in life, and push them to collaborate in solving society’s pressing problems. We believe 3 Billion Under 30 is the series of case studies on top-performing “outliers” of the Millennial generation needed to help us think bigger and achieve our goals while simultaneously painting a more positive picture for our shared future. Now, we want your help to ensure this book reaches the people it can most help. 
1)  Access to our Partners Only community 

Imagine being included in a group of bestselling authors, social influencers, and successful entrepreneurs through a few quick clicks. We’re gathering all our partners for 3 Billion Under 30 and creating an exclusive community just for you to network with each other, collaborate, and share insights on how to get to the next level.

2)  Achieving a goal bigger than ourselves

Our impact would be smaller if we tried to do this on our own. In fact, 3 Billion Under 30 is built off the importance of collaboration and diversity in voices, influences, and experiences. If you believe this to be true as well, then you’ll already aware of how impactful this book will be to individual readers, and understand how important it is to get this book in the hands of as many creator, thinkers, and doers as possible. 

3)  40% of all sales

You get 40% of any sales of the 3 Billion Under 30 book which retails at $29.99. If you sell 100 books, you get $1,200. If you sell 500 books, you get $6,000. If you sell 1,000 books, you get $12,000! For many of you, this is as easy as scheduling a few social media posts or sending one email to your followers. However, for the dozens or hundreds of people who’ll learn about and purchase 3 Billion Under 30 thanks to you, the exposure could be life-changing. Better still, we will teach you proven marketing and business development strategies our team has used to support multiple #1 NYT bestselling authors and lead over 10 six and seven figure product launches, so not only will you learn how to sell more copies of our book, but you’ll learn industry-leading sales and marketing strategy - for free - in the process!
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We’ll give you the exact emails you can send to your audience before, during, and after the book launch to help you best communicate the message. We encourage you to spice up the writing we give you to make it fit your voice and audience. 


We’ll have copy to share 3 Billion Under 30 on every social platform you use and an exact step by step document on how to maximize your efforts. If you need additional help, we’ll also have social media experts help you integrate 3 Billion Under 30 in your content or advertisements. 


You’ll have access to how many many books you have sold. The more books you sell, the more you earn… (see below).
1)  Create a bonus for your audience that supports the mission behind 3 Billion Under 30. Offer something extra for signing up through your unique link.

2)  Email your list at least three times to the book landing pages so your audience can get the pre-launch bonuses. Remember that you will get credited for everyone who opt ins to this page and purchases a book. 

3)  Use our social media copy to share your pre-launch link on the web. Schedule this in advance using tools like Hootsuite or Buffer so you don’t forget.

4)  When the book launches on January 17th, mail your list often with your unique link while continuing to promote the book via social media.

5)  If you would like to interview me for your audience or create a special bonus together that you can offer to your audience, shoot me an email and let’s make it happen.
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January 4th - January- 6th: First day to mail. Book Pre-Launch Opt-In Contest starts!
January 7th - January 11th: Pre-launch email push.
January 16th: Book launch is tomorrow!
January 17th: Book is ready to purchase! Live kick-off hangout with Jared. Pre-launch opt-in contest ends.
January 18th - January 27th: Book promotion, 
January 30th: Last chance to buy book until tomorrow to receive exclusive bonuses.
January 31th: Today is the last day to buy the book to receive exclusive bonuses! Buy it today (or if you already bought the book) for exclusive bonuses. 

1)  Affiliates received 40% commission of every 3 Billion Under 30 book sold
2)  Commissions will be paid out 3 months after the book launch 
3)  Your affiliate link and swipe copy will be sent ahead of time via email so you can easily share the book with your audience. 


1)  Do not pay people to opt in or buy 3 Billion Under 30. 
2)  Do not buy gifts to try and bribe people to opt in or buy 3 Billion Under 30.
3)  Do not team up with other partners.
4)  Do not spam.

When we accept you as a partner, we trust that you will promote 3 Billion Under 30 with integrity and professionalism. If we see you violating our rules, we will disqualify you from the launch entirely.

Jared Kleinert is an entrepreneur, TED and keynote speaker, and award-winning author. He's become a sought after Millennial thought leader after identifying and connecting hundreds of the world's smartest and most talented members of his generation, and sharing his research with as many influential individuals and corporations as possible.
If you have ANY questions, please contact our Partners Manager Tam Pham at [email protected] If you want to contact me directly, please email [email protected] 

Thank you for your support, we hope you will join us in our vision and launch 3 Billion Under 30.
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